Fort Knox


A scaled recreation of the Bullion Depository in Kentucky. Better known as Fort Knox.
Well the outside is, inside its been Rustified. This is the toughest monument you will
ever encounter, its protected by sensor grids, land mines, sentries, auto turrets and
several guards of all persuasions. Oh and dont forget the Sam Sites 😉

Getting in may not be the hardest thing, getting out will be, If you trigger the alarm
everyone will know your after the gold, or in this case 5 military crates.

The Vault needs two red cards activated at the same time to get in the vault with just
4 seconds of the door remaining open, then you get to fight multiple guards.

When placing this monument keep the orientation the same and create an area of flat land.

If you have any problems you can contact me as follows

Fort Knox Walkthrough – YouTube

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Fort Knox by Niko

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