HDRP-Lost_World 1.9 by Gruber


HDRP-Lost_World 1.9 by Gruber

Monuments FP:

– Outpost
– Train Yard
– Sewer Branch
– Power Plant
– Bandit camp
– Sphere
– Excavator
– Harbor
– Military tunnels
– Satellite Dish

additional information: This map requires the Rustedit extension for loot and electricity.



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HDRP-Lost_World 1.9 by Gruber

An interesting map with a multi-level Landschaft, made from scratch in the World Creator program.
There are many interesting ground monuments and one underground monument on the map.
The map size is 4000. The number of prefabricated houses is about 40 thousand. much attention is paid to the landscape.

Custom monuments:

☣ Underground metro station, multi-level, with excellent customization.
☣ Scientific database of scientists.
☣ Destroyed launch pad (if necessary, I can replace it with a normal one).
☣ Destroyed concrete and automobile plant
☣ Lonely farms in the desert.
☣ Roadside monuments.
☣ The monument in the Scud under the name ” mount Yamantau”
☣ Temple of the water king.
☣ Overgrown barges for beginners.
☣ A small tunnel.