Asylum Prefab by Niko


  • Alysum Prefab
  • by Nico

The Asylum is the final resting place for all those who have over
3500 hours playing Rust. You will find a secure compound patrolled
by scientists, with 4 wards, 2 padded cells, group therapy room
along with the electric shock treatment room. The facility is
run by Dr Niko whos office is secured by a 4 digit code. You may
also find cells below ground for the criminally insane and a veranda
so those who are crazy can sit and contemplate there crimes against
Big shout out to (GER)Abracadaver for the use of his 4 digit code
lock that allows the puzzel in this monument to be both unique
and a different kind of challenge. The clues are in the building.
Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use