garden of eden – map


  • by Gruber
  • World Square 3500
  • The old village with the guillotine
  • Small and unusual caves under construction
  • Temple & A small Colosseum
  • Bunker underground in the style of The metro “Exodus”
  • A certain number of articles
  • A stone giant skeleton – it looks beautiful and epic
  • Farm island & Robinson’s island
  • An ancient monument with a small underground part

High Central mountain puts in a great bunker for building, which you need to spend a lot of effort to build it up or eliminate. In the presence of standard RT: Launching site, Nuclear power plant, Giant excavator, Depot, Sewer, Military tunnels, Large and small oil rigs, Airfield, Port, Bandit city, city NPS, Sphere, water treatment. There are custom caves, as well as standard ones. On custom monuments there is no loot, for the placement of their own. Also on the map used a couple of prefabs from open access.