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Loading Station by Abracadaver


* Two versions of the “Loading Station”.
First one is the monument version for normal use on your server with all loot, effects, IO elements and levels you can go to
The second one is the arena version for using with the deathmatch or gungame plugins. Reduced prefab count, reduced effects, no sewer system and no loot boxes/barrels plus invisible colliders around the area
* Prefab count monument: 4820
Prefab count arena: 1819
* Monument: alpha mask, biome mask, height mask, texture mask, topology mask
Arena: texture mask, topology mask
* custom loot (custom loot presets included if you have trouble loading the custom loot)
* custom vending machine (custom vending machine preset included if you have trouble loading the loot inside of it)
* custom CCTVs
* scientist NPCs
* many custom prefabs
* path around the area for optional bradley spawns (no bradleys included)
* hidden “easteregg” crate
* a more demanding door puzzle as the usual greencard/bluecard/redcard puzzles
* little safezone inside the monument (you just have to find it)
* fully accessible. You can climb any building and travel trough the sewer system
* free updates for all customers
* live support if you have trouble with anything related to this monument

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The scene shows a rotten loading station surrounded by a little forest, which was used to reload goods from trains to trucks and trucks to trains in the good old times.
But it isn´t so leave as it seems. A group of scientists was using the loading station to reload weaponry to a train and send it to the compound as suddenly one of the
rusty structures collapsed and buried an armored truck among themselves.
It´s your task to clear the area of scientists and find a way to open the armored truck to gain access to the weapons inside.
While exploring the area you will see, you and the scientist are not the only ones who used the loading station for their own purposes.