unusual island – map


  • by Gruber
  • Small laboratory.
  • Customized sphere-linked with chains
  • Azure cave overlooking the ocean
  • A stone giant skeleton – it looks beautiful and epic
  • Farm island
  • A small village along the river in European style.
  • Sawmill. The rest is small stuff.
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LandArt unusual, hilly terrain, farm island, all this can be seen on this map. In the presence of standard RT, except water treatment. There are custom caves, as well as standard ones . Custom monuments: Destroyed spaceport-visually similar to the usual, but built from scratch, differs in the presence of,  zones for the construction of the base; there is no radiation and the tank; the launch pad is destroyed; the main building is completely redesigned, to climb to the top will have to go through the parkour.. Two huge networks of bunkers, caves, sewers, and mines; in certain caves there is a place for building with a quarry, furnaces and other good.. Ancient arena-monument made in the style of arena Gladiator fights, there are statues and so on, inside there is also a cave under construction. A small village along the river in European style.