Small Island Mini-Map (Underwater update is ready)


Small Island-this minimap is made for very tight gameplay between players.

Map Size – 1000
Prefab Count: – 6479

Sold By Gruber
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This map, despite its size, has a very large functionality for the game. Is there a small railway network on the map (the Workcart spawn plugin is included). There is also a network of underground metro tunnels, one of the stations is located on Oil Rig. JunkTown is located in the center of the map. The map is balanced by loot and finding cards. Some custom monuments have puzzles on them. Good luck fighters.

Custom Monument:

☣Junk TownRailways
☣Passenger Barge

Monuments FP:
– Big Oil Rig
– Small Oil Rig
– Lighthouse
– Fishing Village
– Tunnel Metro
– Underwater laboratory

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