Wayside Monuments by Jtedal



Splat mask
Height mask
Topology mask


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Custom roadside monuments. If you are tired of the usual supermarket, gas station and warehouse, then this is your choice.
You can replace standard roadside monuments on your maps.

Lots of unique roadside-style mini-monuments that can be swapped on your current map to bring a unique twist to your maps that your players will love!

What is available?

Supermarket (~800 objects).
Garage (~1400 objects).
Warehouse (~350 objects).


A modular car elevator has been added to the garage
In the warehouse and in the garage, the recycler is made in a unique style
Build zone: ✅
Loot: ✅


Splat mask
Height mask
Topology mask

1P.S. The file contains installation instructions. Also, for installing this prefab on your map, you can contact the author.
2P.S. If you want to change the prefab for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.